A holiday table is set for a dinner party.
Posted on November 21, 2018 by Linda Hartman

How to Set a Holiday Table

With the holiday season just a couple weeks out, it’s time to start planning ahead for your holiday décor. Even though you might be focused on hanging lights or decorating a Christmas tree, another classic holiday tradition is gathering around the table to enjoy a celebration feast together.

There are four main aspects of a successful holiday table design: the dishware, tablecloth, décor accents, and each table setting. If you aren’t sure how to put all these elements together to decorate a holiday table, we’ve put together a guide as a starting point. This year, dress your table to impress your guests. Here’s how.

Choose a theme.

The first step in preparing a holiday table is deciding on a theme. This will help you make a list of the items you want included in your design. Your theme could be a grouping of colors, such as gold and brown for Thanksgiving and red and silver for Christmas. Or maybe you want an outdoor theme with pinecones, branches, and imitation snow.

Gather your décor elements.

When it comes to decorating a holiday table, you’ll want to know what you have to work with. Decide on the dishware and tablecloth you want to use. You can then add in items like candles, decorative bowls, and other accents.

Decide on a centerpiece.

The centerpiece of your holiday table should make an impact. Ideas for centerpieces include a large wreath with a tall candle in the middle, small Christmas trees in a variety of shapes, a grouping of candles, or a mix of all the above. Once you choose a centerpiece, the rest of your design can be built around it.

Create a balance within your décor.

A holiday table must be beautiful, but it should also be practical. If you have too many large elements on the table, you might not have room to pass the food around. A centerpiece that’s too tall could also keep your guests from being able to communicate with each other. After you start setting up your table, take a seat and make sure you’re able to see across from each side of the table.

Clean your dishware and linens.

A beautiful table design will take your holiday décor to the next level, but dirty dishware and stained linens will cheapen the look. To prevent this, rewash all your holiday dishware before you set it up on your table. This will ensure there aren’t remnants from last year on your dishes. Next, get your tablecloth professionally cleaned. This will brighten your linens, and it’ll also make sure the focus will be on your centerpiece and not stains from the last holiday celebration.

Put together each place setting.

The centerpiece and décor accents are important for a holiday table but so is each place setting. There are a few different table setting guides out there, whether you want a basic or formal place setting for your guests. Once you’ve decided on the configuration of each place setting, it’s time to work in some accents. You can do this by adding a napkin ring, name card or small holiday floral arrangement. Finally, it’s time to put your complete holiday look together.

Drop off your table linens before the holidays arrive! Happy holidays from all of us at Dependable Cleaners.

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