Posted on April 1, 2013 by Steven Toltz

Machine Washing Tips to Increase Garment Life

Following a few simple steps at home will increase the longevity of your garments. You might not think of it, but mending a garment before washing it will prevent the damage from getting worse. Also, before you put your clothes in the washer, undo buttons on the collars and turn both dark clothing and washable sweaters inside out. Although care labels often indicate temperature, you may want to test your machine to make sure your cold, normal and hot cycles are the correct temperatures. Pre-treat any spots before cleaning. If you aren’t sure and you value the garment, bring it to your full-service dry cleaners so that our professionals can remove spots or mend and damage prior to cleaning.

Stains are set in the drying process. If a stain is not removed after washing, do not dry the garment. Either start over again or bring the garment to our professionals. Be sure not to over-dry your clothes. To reduce wrinkling, pull clothes out of the dryer once cycle is completed and fold or hang them immediately.

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