Route Manager

Route Managers are individually responsible for sales and customer service in their route areas.

Duties & Qualifications


Start of day

• Communicate with store manager about previous day and daily needs
• Check voicemail; call about those that have immediate needs
• Check e-mail; respond to those with immediate needs
• Complete daily report and identify all declined credit cards; call for new credit card information
• Input new credit card and run that card; payment is needed before clothes are delivered
• Quick check up on van to see of any pending issues

Loading orders for delivery

• Have all orders racked
• Change promise date for all any incomplete orders to the next delivery day
• Check orders with specific customer requests to ensure they were done (e.g., creases, bagging, bowtie collars or not, etc.)
• Download daily summary manifest and print
• Download manifest to Routetrac
• Scan orders on app
• Load van


• Scan all tickets for delivery stop
• Deliver clothes to specific location customer has requested
• Pick up bag or bags at any stop with a pickup and input # of bags on app
• Pick up any hangers or poly left out

Store drop off

• Communicate with store any special requests from customers of those bags picked up (like clothes needing to be delivered back early, stains, alteration needs, etc.)
• Replace any damaged bags or bag tags


• Obey all driving laws and speed limits
• Show courtesy on the road; you are driving a moving billboard


• Keep clean inside and out, wash and sweep out as needed
• Complete weekly van maintenance report
• Follow suggested schedule for service on van (like oil change, tire rotation, specific mileage work)
• Inform route supervisor of any work needing to be done
• Van keys are always to be left at home store along with company phone

Customer and manifest maintenance

• Keep customer information current, including updating phone numbers and credit cards, and deleting any customers that move or quit the route
• Contact any customers that have not had a pickup in their usual time frame to see if they have an upcoming pickup
• Add any special requests customer has for clothes processing to Spot customer profile and/or update manifest with any daily delivery/pickup instructions

Phone calls, texts, or emails

• Respond in a timely manner and professionally
• Spell check all responses and no slang

Adding new VIP route customers through web request, phone call, or referral from within company

• Contact customer to set up delivery days and daily estimated time; set up date for first pickup and delivery location
• Ask if they have any special requests
• Tell them about all our offered services (shirt laundry, dry cleaning, household items, wash and fold, rug cleaning, leather cleaning)
• Inform of sign-up fee and in store credit
• Ask if they have any questions and give contact information
• Set up customer in route order on manifest, fill out application, charge sign-up fee and give in-store credit
• Set up and deliver bags to customer, also door hook if requested


• Selling is a daily requirement as time allows on any given day
• At least four hours each Wednesday should be dedicated to selling
• Each route manager should target selling a minimum of two (2) VIPs each week
• Each route manager should target selling a minimum of $5000 each week, and this should increase as the route gets built up
• Target areas to sell that are near existing customers
• Follow local municipality laws for soliciting
• Door knocking to homes, businesses, and residential buildings is the first priority
• Where allowed, put door knockers on doors in areas with high possibility of getting responses
• Reports showing new customers added to the route (through any method) and total sales should be completed and submitted weekly to route supervisor
• Assistance in selling strategies will be always offered


• You may be requested to help with special projects like Coats for Colorado or other company or community projects
• Attendance at team and/or company meetings will be required
• All employees are required to follow all rules and regulations in the company employee manual

What We Offer

• Competitive pay

• Company paid RTD Eco/Bus pass

• Health insurance

• Free dry cleaning

• Paid time off and holiday pay

• Bonus opportunities

• Opportunity for growth

• 401k match



• Cherry Creek North - Denver

• 18th and Vine - Denver