Professional Wet Cleaning

An alternative to dry cleaning is wet cleaning. This process uses water to remove stains and freshen clothing — even on dry-clean-only items such as wool, silk, leather and suede.

Wet Cleaning

The wet cleaning process uses water. Our state of the art wet cleaning equipment, which is extremely sensitive to moisture, precisely controls the amount of humidity in order to maximize cleaning without harming fabric, ensuring that clothing does not shrink, stretch or fade. For those who may be sensitive to standard cleaning products, wet cleaning is a perfect alternative to dry cleaning.


Rejuvenate Older Clothing.

We often find clothes that need minor repairs, and we fix them immediately, for free, on location, at each and every store.

Fitting Appointments

In addition, our professional seamstresses take fitting appointments at our Monaco Square and Orchard stores. If there’s something in your closet that you are not wearing, call us to set up an appointment. Nothing rejuvenates old or ill-fitting pieces like top-notch alterations!


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