Value Added Services

Upgrade to VIP Express Service.

Enjoy tremendous convenience with Dependable Cleaners’ VIP Express Service: immediate service check-in, efficient check-out with automatic billing, and 24-hour access. Best of all—it’s absolutely free!


Save Time & Decrease Hassle

Enroll now to enjoy the tremendous convenience of VIP Express Service. Not only will you never wait at our counters, VIP Express Service ensures quick and efficient check-out with automatic billing to your major credit card Visa or Mastercard. Whether you are a busy professional, consummate clothes horse, or just the average consumer with a hectic lifestyle, you can enjoy this service with no additional cost. Your purple VIP bag waits - but you won’t have to!

Enroll now to take advantage of our value added services designed to save you time and decrease hassle: Pick Up and Delivery, and VIP Express.