Shirt Laundry Services

When you need to look your best, shirt laundry service from a professional cleaner sets you apart. Those who wear a dress shirt every day at the office know how quickly they can pile up in the laundry — Let Dependable keep you looking sharp.

Dependable Dress Shirt Laundry.

Our popular shirt laundry service is suited for those who don’t want to worry about getting out coffee stains, fixing loose buttons, keeping those collars crisp and, worst yet, ironing every morning. Each dress shirt is clean, pressed and ready to wear for work every day of the week.


Brilliant Whites
& Vibrant Colors

We’ll keep your white shirts brilliantly white and your colored shirts as vibrant as the day you bought them. Each shirt goes through our 7-point inspection to ensure that spots are marked and treated by Stain Specialists before the shirts are cleaned and pressed.

Repair Service

Loose buttons, dangling threads and any other minor damage is repaired at no charge before dress shirts are cleaned. This complimentary service is carried out by a trained team member, ensuring that you always look your professional best.


Perfect Collars
& Creases

At Dependable Cleaners, no item is packaged unless it has been hand-finished. The 7-point inspection includes this meticulous service: collars receive sturdy boards to retain their shape, and cuffs are creased to the point of perfection. After pressing, your shirts are hung carefully to ensure they are ready to wear.

When your job requires you to wear dress shirts, the last thing you want is another task for the day — so let us do your shirt laundry for you! You’ll never look more professional.