Professional Dry Cleaners

Clothing made of silk, velvet, wool and other delicate materials are best washed at professional dry cleaners, as these items are prone to damage when exposed to water or inexperienced hands.

Not Just a Dry Cleaning Service.

We use advanced cleaning equipment, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions and broad knowledge that outclasses some of the best professional dry cleaners in the country. Our high quality is thanks to our commitment to superior equipment, customer service and excellence in fabric care.


Stain Removal & Repairs

All spots are treated by Stain Specialists before the item is cleaned, while loose buttons and threads or small tears and fraying are marked and repaired at no charge.

Fabric Label Examination

Most dry-clean-only clothes will have one symbol, but we know what else to look for — especially if the item is vintage or features decorative items.


Dependable Dry Cleaning Process

Clothing is bathed in a mild, odorless fluid to retain richness in color and its natural appearance. We utilize one of our environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that works best for the specific textile.

Final Inspection & Packaging

Another specialist ensures stains have been removed and that any creases or pleats are even and neat. Silk shirts and other delicate items are stuffed with tissue to retain their shape, and clothing is grouped according to weight to avoid wrinkling.


Free Pickup & Delivery

To make our dry cleaning services even more convenient, we offer free Pickup & Delivery Service. Enroll now to get your clothing picked up and delivered right back to your home.

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For the best in professional dry cleaners in Colorado, choose Dependable Cleaners. We combine the latest technology and training to maintain quality.

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