Wash & Fold: Free Pickup Laundry Service

If you don’t have the time to keep up with your family’s laundry, turn to Dependable for complete laundry services. Our facilities can accommodate your clothes, towels, bed linens as well as your schedule to ensure your laundry is done how and when you want it.

Complete Household Laundry Service.

We take responsibility for your household laundry with the Dependable Cleaners’ wash and fold service. In addition to cleaning and drying your laundry, all your clothes and household items will be folded and ready to put away.


Free Pickup
& Delivery

The Wash & Fold clothes cleaning service from Dependable Cleaners is comprehensive, meaning that all you have to do is set your laundry aside for us to pick up at your home or office.


Each of the household items we handle goes through our proprietary seven-point inspection system — even bed linens and bath towels — to ensure that we return your laundry looking better than before.



Instead of deciphering clothing care symbols, all you need to know are two colors: white and purple. Simply throw your dry-clean- only items in the purple bag and your household laundry in the white — we’ll take care of the rest.

Stain Removal and Repairs

Stain Specialists and trained team members will remove stains and make repairs to your clothing and other items — and it’s completely free of charge.


Dependable offers complete cleaning services to take laundry off your list of things to do.*

*Does not include ironing, nor bed spreads.

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