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Dependable Cleaners’ 7-Point Inspection 

Posted on October 6, 2021 by Steven Toltz

At Dependable Cleaners, we pride ourselves on providing top quality dry cleaning and laundry services across the Front Range of Colorado. We ensure your dry cleaning experience is easy and convenient, and we’re committed to providing top-notch quality and service. And to make sure you receive the best quality every time, Dependable Cleaners follows our 7-Point Inspection with each of your garments. By following this quality inspection, we guarantee your clothes, bedding, and fabrics receive the highest level of care and cleaning.

What Is The 7-Point Inspection?

We follow a strict set of quality assurance procedures before, during, and after cleaning to protect and maintain your items. Before we clean, we:

  1. Read care labels: We study fabric labels to understand how to best clean any item, especially if it is delicate, vintage, or embellished.
  2. Check and note any stains and spots: Each item is thoroughly examined by our Stain Specialists, who mark spots with red tape and treat them prior to cleaning.
  3. Repair damage and missing ornamentation: Loose buttons and threads or small tears and fraying are marked and repaired at no charge.

During and after cleaning, we:

  1. Re-inspect clothes for stains: Another specialist makes sure stains have been removed.
  2. Press and hand-finish fabric to remove any wrinkles: By hand-finishing and pressing each item, we can ensure there are no wrinkles, which can often get missed by machinery alone.
  3. Check for any creases and ensure pleats are straight: Another specialist makes sure that any creases or pleats are straight and smooth.
  4. Pack and group: Delicate items are packed with tissue to retain their shape, and clothing is grouped according to weight to avoid wrinkling. Then, your items are carefully put away and racked. As soon as you receive your order, it’s ready to wear.

Dependable Cleaners’ 7-Point Inspection sets us apart from the competition. Our multiple checkpoints guarantee you receive a quality product, and we go the extra mile to ensure your clothes are returned in top condition. By following the 7-Point Inspection, we guarantee that your items are treated with the highest level of care. 

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Treating Damaged Or Stained Clothes

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing your favorite shirt has an ink stain, or finding a missing button in your dress pants. Thankfully, Dependable Cleaners’ 7-Point Inspection can help address any damaged or stained clothing you might have. During our inspection, we mark all incoming damage on an item, and then treat any stains prior to cleaning. This ensures that we protect any delicate items for proper spot treatment. And don’t worry about missing labels – at Dependable Cleaners, we’re pros about all types of fabric. If your care label is missing, our expert cleaners and inspectors can determine how to properly handle your garment. 

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Additional Charges

Our 7-Point Inspection comes standard with each dry cleaning session at Dependable Cleaners. It’s our commitment to you that we handle all of your fabrics, clothes, and garments with expert care, so there are no charges associated with the inspection. However, if we find damage to an item, we will contact you to see if you want to correct that damage. In this case, there might be additional charges associated with any damage correction. But good news – missing buttons are replaced free of charge.

Our Commitment To You

At Dependable Cleaners, our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations. Our 7-Point Inspection ensures that you receive a high-quality product on-time, with a service level that exceeds your expectations. From pre-cleaning to folding and packaging, we treat your garments with the attention to detail they deserve, and the care you can count on each and every time. With Dependable Cleaners, your clothes will be ready to wear and look more beautiful than ever.

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