tips for removing ink stains

Removing Ink Stains

Posted on August 14, 2021 by Steven Toltz

It’s bound to happen at some point: that spare pen in your pocket leaks into your pants, or your budding young artist creates a masterpiece – in gel pen – on your favorite white shirt. While you might be tempted to try and scrub out the stain yourself, this is definitely a situation you want to leave to your local dry cleaning experts. 

Why Are Ink Stains So Hard To Remove?

Ink stains are unique from other stains – like coffee or makeup stains – because ink spreads when you attempt to remove it. So while you might think you’re helping when you apply a liquid or spotting agent to an ink stain, in reality, you’re just pushing the stain further into the fabric. This ultimately makes it harder for your local dry cleaner to remove the stain.  

Leave It To The Experts

Getting an ink stain in your favorite shirt can be stressful! Thankfully, your local dry cleaners are experienced in a range of stain removal techniques and are here to help. If your favorite shirt falls victim to an ink stain, bring it straight to a dry cleaner. Don’t try to work out the stain, as this can make it set into fabric or spread to larger areas. There’s no good home remedy for ink stains, so now is the time to call in the specialists. 

Ink Removal At Dependable Cleaners

At Dependable Cleaners, our stain removal experts can remove most stains, provided you act quickly and communicate what efforts – if any – you’ve taken to try and remove the stain. Dry cleaning is the best option for ink stain removal, and at Dependable Cleaners, we have several different spotting agents that we use to work out a stain, depending on the type of ink. For example, while BIC pen ink is easily removable, Indian ink or gel ink are much more difficult to remove from fabric. Ultimately, your best bet is to bring your stain to our experts. Find a location near you today!