Coffee Stain Spill on Shirt

Removing Coffee Stains from Clothes

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Steven Toltz

Mark your calendars! National Napping Day is just around the corner. Wondering what “Day of the Nap” is all about? According to Dr. William Anthony, a former Boston University researcher, the day after Daylight Savings Time begins is when people feel most sleep-deprived. So, what does this have to do with you or your clothes? Two words: “coffee stains.” We have all been there…feeling a little sluggish as you get ready to walk out of the house, juggling your bag or briefcase, and BOOM…you spill coffee on the front of your shirt. You can either ignore it and pretend it didn’t really happen, or you can try and remove the stain. Your Dependable Cleaners family is here to share some helpful tips on removing coffee stains (whether you are sleep deprived or not).

Check Your Pantry

For an easy and affordable stain-removing solution, check your pantry for club soda or white vinegar. We recommend blotting the stain to remove any excess coffee. Next, spray club soda or white vinegar onto the garment and work it into the stain using your fingers (a soft scrub brush works too). Let the stain soak for between 5 and 10 minutes. Finally, rinse in cool water. If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn stain, you may need to repeat the process.

Stain Pens

Often, coffee stains happen outside of the house. With Daylight Savings Time, you may be dragging a little more or are feeling a step behind. Maybe you underestimated the speed bump or really needed that sip of coffee and came to a hard stop. Combat potential stains early by throwing a stain pen in your bag or consider keeping one in your car. When stains happen, grab your nearby stain pen before it’s too late – they’ve been designed to combat food and drink stains. Before applying it to the stain, be sure to test the pen on a small, nondescript area to make sure it doesn’t leave a mark on your clothing.

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Dry Clean At Dependable Cleaners

Dependable Cleaners uses premium, fresh solvents for each load  which help to effectively remove coffee stains. Whether the stain is on a cotton shirt, silk, or another fabric, dry cleaning provides a safe and easy method to get that coffee stain out. Stop by one of our 20 Colorado dry cleaning locations for same-day dry cleaning or next-day cleaning . If you can’t make it by during our normal business hours, we offer free pick up and delivery  or you can simply drop it in one of our 24-hour kiosks. Find a location near you now!

Happy Daylight Savings Time and Happy National Napping Day! Now go get some rest.

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