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How To Choose A Dry Cleaner

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Steven Toltz

We can all agree that clothes are an investment. Whether you are buying new suits for work or a nice dress for “date night,” we all want our clothes to last as long as possible. How do you know if you are picking the right dry cleaners for you (and your clothes)? Read on to find out!

Location and Convenience   

Location and convenience are top factors in your choice of dry cleaner.  First and foremost, you want a  quality dry cleaner close to your area. No one wants to drive across town in order to take your clothes to a dry cleaner. Luckily, with Dependable Cleaners, chances are there is one close to your neighborhood or on your way to work. With multiple locations well positioned throughout the Denver area, we make it easy to find a location for your drop off.  Beyond your search for a location near me, you want a convenient drop off experience.  Be sure to look for options with drive through drop off, convenient parking, and curbside service. These are just a few of the customer perks you receive when choosing Dependable Cleaners as your go to cleaners.  For the best locations and convenience choose Dependable Cleaners. Remember that our free pickup and delivery make life even easier!

Fun Fact: Dependable Cleaners has convenient locations across the Denver Metro area. 

Breaking Down the “Nitty Gritty”

Once you have found a dry cleaner in your area, consider these other important customer amenities that show they are offering the most high quality experience and are the right dry cleaner for you!

  • Do They Cut Corners?

Using fresh solvent is an important factor in the dry cleaning process. Solvent is lighter than water and is more delicate on your clothing. While some lesser-known cleaners use their solvent over and over again, a good dry cleaner will use fresh solvent for every load. Why is this important? Because using fresh solvent for each load eliminates the build-up of dirt, sweat, and soil from the previous loads, which can ultimately be redeposited on your clothes.  

  • Dry Cleaning Solvent

Many solvents contain “perchloroethylene,” which is often associated with human health and environmental risks. In fact, almost 80% of dry cleaners use this chemical in their dry cleaning. The good news is that they are healthier solvents dry cleaners currently use. Dependable Cleaners uses environmentally-friendly solvents and soaps for both dry and wet cleaning. 

In fact, almost 80% of dry cleaners use this chemical in their dry cleaning.

Each of our locations uses DF200, a milder and odorless cleaner, which actually makes clothes softer and brighter. Our state-of-the-art technology and machinery made us the first dry cleaner in Colorado to go completely green.  

  • Fabric Label Examination 

What is a fabric label inspection and why is it important? Dry cleaners can overlook stains, loose buttons or hanging threads before putting your garment through the cleaning process, leaving your clothing vulnerable to obvious stains and missing buttons once it’s returned to you. 

However, a trust-worthy dry cleaner will have completed an inspection check-list prior to you picking up your garments. This list will include specific things to look for, including stain removal, repairing any loose buttons and cutting loose threads. 

  • Pickup and Delivery Service

Your time is valuable. We understand how there are days, even weeks, where you are rushing to get from place A to place B. If only there were more hours in a day…What if you didn’t have to worry about getting your clothes to and from the dry cleaner before they close? If you need some extra help getting your laundry errands done, research if your dry cleaner offers pickup and delivery services. If they do, at what cost? Dependable Cleaners not only offers those services for free, but works with you in scheduling a day, time and location most convenient for you. 

The most important factor in selecting a dry cleaner is YOU. Customers should always come first, and at Dependable Cleaners, that’s our promise. Find a dry cleaning location near you today!

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