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Why You Should Be Dry Cleaning Your Dress Shirts

Posted on January 8, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Congratulations. You made it through another week of zoom meetings and it is time to finally put on your favorite pair of sweats, that sweatshirt you still wear from college and relax. It also means that it’s time to drop off your dress shirts at the dry cleaners. Sure, you could just throw them in the washing machine, though we highly recommend NOT doing that. Dependable Cleaners helps to keep your shirts looking sharp, and makes sure you look your best, even when working from home and on a Zoom call. Bring your shirts to a Dependable Cleaners and take advantage of the added benefits a professional cleaning offers. Starting off the day with a fresh, clean and pressed dress shirt can impact your mood, energy levels, and your job performance.

  • Remove Those Tough Stains & Get Free Repairs

Remember when you spilled coffee on the front of your shirt yesterday? Yes, the shirt you had just ordered and were wearing for the first time? We can eliminate the stain because our Stain Specialists treat all spots before the shirt is cleaned. We also look for loose buttons, small tears, and fraying and repair at no charge.

  • Expert Specialty Fabric Care

Most dry-clean-only clothes have one symbol, but we know what else to look for with our “Fabric Label Examination” checklist. No matter what kind of special care your shirt requires, we can take care of it!

  • Preserve Vibrant Colors and Shape

One of the key benefits of having your dress shirts dry cleaned is that it bathes them in a mild, odorless fluid, which retains vibrant colors and preserves its natural appearance. We also use one of our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that works best for your shirt’s specific material. If your shirts need starch or to be pressed, we’ll take care of that too.

  • A Quality Inspection

Before we hand your shirts back to you, we make sure another specialist confirms that any stains have been removed (“what coffee spill?”) that any creases or pleats are even and neat and that there are no loose buttons and threads fraying. In addition, our specialist ensures that any delicate items are stuffed with tissue to retain their shape and that your clothing is grouped together according to weight to avoid any wrinkling.

Convenient Dress Shirt Pickup and Delivery

Unable to drop off your dress shirts or pick them up? Dependable Cleaners provides Free Pickup & Delivery services.

Learn more about our commitment to ensuring your dress shirts look as good as new, or find a dry cleaning location near you today!

Shawn Mehaffey

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These guys do all my work shirts. Fast and dependable. Easy drop off and pick up!!