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5 Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Dress Shirts

Posted on October 13, 2023 by Steven Toltz

Congratulations — you made it through another week of meetings and it’s finally time to put on your favorite pair of sweats and relax! That means it’s also time to drop off your dress shirts at the dry cleaners. Sure, you could just throw them all in the washing machine, but by taking your shirts to a reputable dry cleaner, you can make them last longer, look better, and save yourself some time.

Dependable Cleaners helps keep you and your shirts looking fresh and fashionable, no matter how hard you work or play. The cost to dry clean a dress shirt is low, and the results speak for themselves. Bring your shirts to a Dependable Cleaners location (or take advantage of our free pickup & delivery) and experience the positive impact professional cleaning offers. 

Ready to learn more about the benefits of dry cleaning your dress shirts?

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Do Dress Shirts Need to be Dry Cleaned? 5 Reasons Why: 

1. To Remove Those Tough Stains

If you wear business shirts for your job, you know how easy it is to stain your shirt. Besides the regular stain offenders, like coffee, food, ink, and sweat, you likely pick up the occasional mystery stain as you go about your day. Without properly treating these stains, even the ones that don’t seem obvious, marks and discolorations can worsen over time and become impossible to remove. Our stain experts carefully inspect each item to find any and all stains, and will recommend the ideal cleaning method to remove them. For example, if you have grease or oil stains, our experts may recommend dry cleaning, or if you have water-based stains, like perspiration, our team may suggest wet cleaning.

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2. To Get Specialty Fabric Care & Free Repairs

Most dry-clean-only clothes have one symbol, but we know what else to look for with our “Fabric Label Examination” checklist. No matter what kind of special care your shirt requires, we have you covered! Additionally, before dry cleaning your dress shirts, we also look for loose buttons, fraying, and small tears — making sure to repair minor damage at no extra charge.

3. To Extend The Life Of Your Shirts 

If you often wear dress shirts, you probably want them to last as long as possible. After investing in numerous high-quality shirts, the last thing you want to do is ruin them by not following the care instructions, using improper cleaning or drying techniques, or not properly treating stains before they set. Can you wash dress shirts on your own? Sure, but machine washing and drying tend to be rough on even sturdy fabrics, potentially altering the fit of your best fashion statements. When you take your shirts to a dry cleaner, experts will assess the garment and determine which service will best clean the article while also preserving its longevity.  

4. To Preserve Vibrant Colors and Shape

If you’ve ever cleaned your business shirts at home, you’re probably well aware of the issues that can arise — shrinkage, warping, misplaced creases, messy collars, and faded colors are all possible without expert care. One of the key benefits of having your dress shirts dry cleaned is that the garments are bathed in a mild, odorless fluid, which retains vibrant colors and preserves natural appearances. At Dependable Cleaners, we also use an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution that’s gentle on a shirt’s delicate material and colored fibers. If your shirts need to be starched or pressed, we’ll take care of that too! Best of all, we carefully hang your shirt and insert sturdy boards into collars to help them keep their shape and remain ready-to-wear.

5. For A Quality Inspection

At Dependable Cleaners, we follow a rigorous 7-point inspection that guarantees perfect creases, pleats, and smooth lines where you want them. And when we say we guarantee the quality of your clothing — we mean it! In addition, our specialists ensure that any delicate items are stuffed with tissue to retain their shape and that your clothing is grouped together according to weight to avoid any wrinkling.

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Dry Clean Your Dress Shirts With Dependable Cleaners

So… should you wash your dress shirts at home, or do your dress shirts need to be dry cleaned by a professional? The decision is yours, but keeping in mind the above benefits — as well as the additional bonuses of same-day cleaning, 24 hour self-serve kiosks, and our wash & fold services  — we think it’s an easy call. Check out our customer testimonials, and when you’re ready to take your business fashion to the next level, give us a call at 303-777-2673, or find one of our convenient Denver area locations. 

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