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Washing Vs. Dry Cleaning Your Jeans: Which Is Better?

Posted on March 25, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Denim has always been a staple of Colorado fashion, and the iconic fabric only gains popularity year after year. According to Businesswire, the rise of denim in the workplace is a driving factor in denim’s increasing market share. If you’re like most of us, you may be wearing jeans on the weekend, in the workplace, and in your home office, which can equate to a lot of wear and tear. It’s crucial to wash your jeans correctly to help you get the most out of your denim.

Should You Dry Clean Your Jeans?

Dry Cleaning is Gentler On Denim 

There are numerous benefits of entrusting your jeans to a dry cleaner, but the biggest advantage is the gentle dry cleaning process. Instead of using soap and water, dry cleaning is done using solvents. Solvents are much gentler than traditional cleaning methods, which means you can get rid of dirt, sweat, and grime without causing fading or deterioration. 

Trained Experts Will Treat Your Denim 

Dry cleaners employ professional cleaners who have a lot of experience cleaning sensitive fabrics like denim. In addition to following best practices for drying your specific denim or denim blend, dry cleaners can identify and remove mysterious stains without discoloring the material. 

You’ll Protect Your Investment 

Denim isn’t cheap, especially if you splurge on raw or designer-brand jeans. If you’ve spent a few hundred dollars on a pair of jeans, dry cleaning is the best way to keep them looking sharp year after year. 

How To Wash Jeans At Home 

Although dry cleaning is the best way to preserve denim, there are a few ways to wash your jeans at home. The most important tip to keep in mind when washing denim is to read the care label, since care instructions often vary. However, washing your jeans at home could cause premature fading or thin the material, so be cautious and follow best practices for caring for denim

The most important tip to keep in mind when washing denim is to read the care label, since care instructions often vary.

Handwashing Your Jeans

The Pros:

Washing your jeans in cool water using a bucket or sink and some mild detergent is the most gentle at-home method for cleaning denim. Handwashing reduces the friction applied to your jeans through the washing process, which will help extend their life and reduce fading.

The Cons:

Hand washing a material like denim is time-consuming and can give you mixed results. Handwashing is only as efficient as how much you are willing to scrub the garment, and some stains may be difficult to remove by using soap and water alone. Line drying denim can help preserve them from fading, but can leave your jeans hard and stiff. To help them become soft again, turn them inside out and run them through an air cycle in the dryer 

Machine Washing Your Jeans 

The Pros:

Putting your jeans through the washing machine is one of the easiest ways to clean denim. Washing machines are pretty thorough, so you can be confident your jeans will come out clean after each wash. 

The Cons:

Unfortunately, while washing machines will clean your jeans, they just aren’t gentle enough to clean jeans without causing damage. The spin cycle creates a lot of friction, which can remove the dye and deteriorate the fabric. If you have to machine wash your jeans, be sure to use the most delicate setting, turn your denim inside out, and hang to dry. 

Show your jeans some love by letting the professionals take care of them. Dry cleaners can make sure your denim is cleaned properly without causing fading or shrinking. With over 20 locations across the Denver Metro area and convenient options like free pickup and delivery and same-day service, Dependable Cleaners will help you rock your denim for years to come.