About Us

Environmental Practices.

Clean and safe environmental practices are simply business as usual for Dependable Cleaners. Since the early 1970’s, we’ve led the industry in adapting innovative recycling programs and using green cleaning solutions.


Recycling Programs

We reuse and/or recycle just about everything including hangers, safety pins and our plastic garment bags. Our clients can take advantage of these recycling programs: free hanger caddies to organize metal hangers can be picked up and dropped off at all locations; our plastic garment bags can be dropped off with any order or simply returned in your VIP bag.

Solvents & Soaps

In addition, we use only environmentally friendly solvents and soaps. All locations use DF2000 which is a mild and odorless fluid cleaner that enhances a garment’s natural color while leaving the finished garment comfortably soft. Most importantly, using DF2000 decreases our customers’ exposure to perchloroethylene.