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Clean and Maintain Your Camping Gear

Posted on June 30, 2020 by Steven Toltz

Camping is a popular pastime for Coloradoans. Not only does camping allow us to enjoy the beautiful landscapes across our state, but it also encourages us to hike, spend quality time with family, and enjoy some reprieve from everyday stressors. By withstanding wind, rain, sun, dirt, and more, Colorado camping equipment like sleeping bags, jackets and tents can take some pretty severe abuse over the course of just one season. No matter how rugged your camping gear is, it’s important to regularly clean camping gear to ensure it can last for years to come. Read on to learn how to make your camping equipment like down sleeping bags and waterproof jackets last as long as possible. 

No matter how rugged your camping gear is, it’s important to regularly clean camping gear to ensure it can last for years to come.

Don’t Wait To Wash Up 

After a big camping trip, you may be tempted to go directly from the car to the shower to the couch. Make sure you don’t wait too long to clean your camping gear, though. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove any unsavory scents from your clothing and equipment. 

Read The Care Label 

First and foremost, read the care label! Most camping gear is made out of synthetic fabrics that are meant to wick away moisture to keep your body temperature regular. These synthetic fabrics, like polyester, spandex, or nylon, are extra sensitive to high heat and can lose their shape or be destroyed if not washed properly. 

Wash Items Separately 

Once you’ve read each item’s care label, sort out your laundry into several different loads. If you wash heavier items (like windbreakers or rain jackets) with more delicate items, you run the risk of your own clothes damaging each other. By separating out different types of items, you can wash similar garments together using the same care instructions. 

Don’t Forget Other Gear 

Once you’ve washed your camping clothes, remember to clean out water bottles, cooking equipment, your sleeping bag, and your tent. When it comes to cleaning your sleeping bag and tent, shake out any dirt or debris before washing. Just like when washing your clothes, read the care label or research the manufacturers’ cleaning suggestions, especially for your tent. Avoid washing your tent with a brush, as it could destroy the waterproof coating. Let larger camping gear, like your tent and sleeping bags, air dry completely before storing them for your next trip. Plan on washing your sleeping bag yearly or if it becomes very dirty.

Keep Your Waterproof Gear Waterproof 

After a season or two (and some washes), the waterproof coating on your tents, jackets, and sleeping bags may start to wear off. Don’t throw it away – instead, reapply a waterproofing product, or let the experts help you stay dry. Dependable Cleaners offers specialty water repel treatment to give your outwear a new life. 

Let The Experts Help 

A lot can happen to your clothes on a camping trip. From stains and dirt to sweat and smoke, it can be hard to restore your camping clothes to their former glory. But, don’t give in and buy a new set of clothing without getting help. The experts at Dependable Cleaners are trained to  restore the waterproof coating on your outerwear, remove stains from almost any fabric, and thoroughly clean anything from your delicate undergarments to your most rugged jacket. With free pickup and delivery, 24-hour kiosks, and same-day service, we can help you prepare for your next camping trip in no time. Find a dry cleaning location near you today! 

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