3/17/2020 – To Our Valued Customers

Posted on March 18, 2020 by Steven Toltz

As a third generation business, founded in 1930 by my Grandparents, Dependable Cleaners is a part of the fabric of the six county metro area. As such, we want to keep you informed of all we are doing to prevent the spread of illness, and to protect the wellbeing of our community.

First, cleaning dirty clothes is our business. Employees who handle dirty clothes have had rubber gloves since we started wash and fold, years ago. We use heated, environmentally-friendly solvent and soaps which kill any living virus in the first two minutes of cleaning. That solvent is then drained and extracted from the clothes and sent to begin the process of distillation and purification. Meanwhile, the clothes are now in pure, clean solvent from the prior load until extracted, dried, and the process begins again. We are optimistic that the very nature of our work can be a help in the current environment.

That said, we fully recognize the seriousness of the situation. Our leadership team came together weeks ago to consider guidance from federal, state and local agencies and put a plan in place to reduce the chance of spreading the virus through any of our actions (see below*). We have also prepared emergency plans in the event that any employees fall ill or any stores are impacted. With over 20 locations and 10 pickup and delivery routes, we are fortunate to have the ability to flex between locations as required, and to scale our laundry and wash and fold operations as/if the community’s cleaning needs escalate.

To that end, with many people choosing to stay in more, we are actively expanding our pickup and delivery routes. If you’re credit card is on file with one of our stores, simply call that location (https://dcleaners.com/locations/) and have your order delivered or a new order picked up. If you are new to pickup and delivery, use our website to sign up for pickup at home or work (https://dcleaners.com/sign-up/).

We at Dependable Cleaners will continue to take extra precautions and encourage others in the community to do the same so that the virus may be contained as soon as possible. We will keep you apprised of any new developments and welcome your feedback.

Thank you,

Steven D. Toltz
President and General Counsel