Does Dry Cleaning Damage Clothes?

Posted on July 25, 2019 by Steven Toltz

We’ve all done it – put something in the wash only to end up shrinking it, staining it, or pilling it. But, is dry cleaning better for your clothes than regular washing? Absolutely. In fact, dry cleaning doesn’t damage clothes; it actually preserves them! Today, we’re debunking 3 of the most common myths about dry cleaning to help you better protect the longevity of your clothing.

Myth #1: You Should Dry Clean your Clothes as Little as Possible

Wearing your clothes multiple times between washes, especially dry clean only items, is one of the worst things you can do. Even if the item appears relatively clean after one day of wearing, the ammonia in our sweat can do serious damage if it’s not cleaned right away. Think of those white items that have turned yellow over time, or purple garments that have become maroon–that’s all thanks to ammonia.

And ammonia can do damage even when you’re not wearing the item. The longer the chemical stays on your clothing, even when hung up in the closet, the higher your chances are of staining your garment. Taking your clothes to a dry cleaner ensures your clothes stay as clean as they were the day you bought them and stain removal experts can help eliminate any blemishes that have appeared in the meantime.

Myth #2: Washing Clothes at Home is Safer than Dry Cleaning

You know that one shirt that had such vibrant colors when you first bought it but has faded after just a few months of washing? If washing it at home faded colors that fast, how will dry cleaning be any different? Most people would be surprised to find out that dry cleaning preserves color more than typical washing. Dry cleaning solvent is lighter than water, allowing it to go through the fabric of your clothes much more delicately than traditional washing. Paired with a quality seven-point inspection, your clothes will come back perfectly clean, pressed, and ready to wear, without any fading.

Myth #3: Dry Cleaning Makes your Clothes Smell Bad

If your clothes come back from the cleaner smelling like chemicals, body odor, or worse, it’s time to find a new cleaner. That chemical smell means your cleaner isn’t waiting long enough for the solvent to be completely removed, and if your clothes just smell bad, your cleaner isn’t using clean solvent. That means soil, sweat, and anything else trapped in your clothes is being redeposited back onto them. Gross!

Dependable Cleaners has a quality guarantee that your clothes will come back looking beautiful and ready to wear. By using environmentally friendly solvents and a state-of-the-art cleaning system, your clothes will be clean and fresh – no weird smells, creases, or new stains.

Dependable Cleaners is a Colorado-based dry cleaner you can trust. From dress shirts and suits to bridal gowns, rugs, and everything in between, Dependable Cleaners is there to help keep your items looking as good as new. Find a dry cleaner near you today!

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