How to Clean Tartan Fabric

Posted on December 19, 2022 by Steven Toltz

Are you celebrating Celtic fun this winter? Will you be showing your Celtic pride during the holidays by donning one of your tartan kilts? If caring for your tartan kilt worries you, don’t stress! Here are the simple ways to clean tartan fabric.

Tartan Kilt General Care 

Made of pure natural wool, tartan kilts shouldn’t be cleaned or washed often. Instead, light brushing away of debris and gentle spot cleaning are the best ways to keep the fabric looking fresh. After wearing your kilt for an occasion, it’s recommended to simply hang it in the fresh air before putting it away to reduce moisture build up in the wool fabric. With light spot cleaning and the occasional dry cleaning, tartan kilts can be kept looking fresh and clean for decades to come. 

How to Clean Light Stains

The best way to remove light stains from tartan fabric is to use a baby wipe or damp cloth as soon as the stain is made. Made from very durable wool fabric, tartan should allow for easy lifting of any light stains. 

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Dry-Clean Your Kilt Occasionally 

Many dry cleaners use solvents that aren’t great for caring for wool or do not know the proper handling of tartan kilts. At Dependable Cleaners, we use gentle professional-grade solutions for specialty dry cleaning that won’t damage the tartan fabric and properly handle the fabric and your kilts’ beautiful pleats.  

Press Your Kilt, Never Iron It

Tartan kilts never need to be ironed, as they are designed to preserve their pleats. Instead, a good press will sometimes be required to restore it to full vibrancy. What’s the difference? Ironing is the back and forth motion you probably associate with ironing a shirt. Pressing, on the other hand, is when you place the iron on the fabric, holding it there momentarily, and then lifting the iron back up. To press your tartan kilt, press on each pleat using a steam iron and pressing cloth.

If you’re not sure of the best way to care for your tartan kilts, trust the expert team at Dependable Cleaners to get the job done right. Just drop them off at one of our 20+ convenient Colorado locations or schedule a pickup today.