Button Problems

Q: Why did the buttons on my garment get damaged during dry cleaning?

A: There are probably as many things that can go wrong with buttons as there are button types. Due to the variety of materials used by manufacturers, we most often see the following: button material can separate, they can bleed and fade and/or stain nearby fabric, they can shrink and distort, they can crack or break, they can get cloudy, they can lose their finish or coating or can tarnish, they can soften, get sticky or dissolve away, as well as other problems that create an adverse appearance. Even some well-made and garment-compatible buttons will have problems with normal use or later care. That’s why at Dependable, we replaced broken buttons at no charge. Since it is not practical to try and remove all buttons before each cleaning, the cleaner often wraps foil around at-risk buttons to prevent button damage. If the designer or manufacturer has not chosen the proper button, damage could still occur. According to Federal Trade Commission regulation, all attached trim must be compatible with the care instructions on the label.