Yellow or Tan Stains Appear After Cleaning or Storage

Q: Why do yellow or tan stains appear on my garments after cleaning or long-term storage?

A: If these stains are yellow, tan, or rust colored it could be perspiration stains, especially if they are located at the underarms, neck, back and waistband. Due to the composition of perspiration, it will oxidize over time and eventually become darker; this becomes even more noticeable after the necessary heat of pressing. You can mitigate this problem by having your garments dry cleaned or wet washed on a regular basis to remove perspiration. In some cases, a professional cleaner can reduce or even completely remove old perspiration stains by using special processes. A shirt should only be worn for one day to avoid this problem; it is recommended to have enough shirts to rotate, having some fresh in the closet while others are at the cleaners.