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How to Clean Your Duvet Cover

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Steven Toltz

For many, their bedroom isn’t just any other room. It’s a personal oasis. At the center of this oasis is likely a wonderful bed with comfy sheets, lots of pillows and a duvet with a duvet cover. Don’t take that nap quite yet! We change and wash our sheets on a regular basis, but what about that duvet cover? You use it just as frequently as you do sheets and blankets. But, when was the last time you washed it?

What is a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers are often confused with comforters. They do look alike, but one key difference is that a comforter is designed with a cover that can’t be removed, while a duvet cover closes with buttons or ties. A duvet cover is often used in place of a blanket on your bed. It is seen as a design piece too, adding to the feel of any bedroom. Some people choose to have their duvet covers take the place of their sheets. It is usually filled with a wool, polyfill, feathers, down, or silk duvet, making it bulky in size.

Washing Your Duvet Cover at Home

While we suggest sending your duvet cover to be dry cleaned at least once or twice a year, it is okay to wash it at home as frequently as once a week. Quick Tip: Before throwing it in the washing machine, make sure to check the duvet cover’s care instructions. Many duvet covers are made with sensitive materials that could be destroyed by in-home washing machines. If your duvet cover can be washed at home, you’ll most likely wash it using cold water and the gentle cycle on low heat (you can also line dry it).

We also recommend shaking out any duvet cover once dried. This will return it to its original “fluffy” form.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Duvet Cover

A duvet cover can carry a lot of germs. Not just germs, but dust and bacteria builds up over a short amount of time. Dependable Cleaners uses larger machines that get hotter than washing machines at home and high-quality, eco-friendly solvents, which help to kill those pesky viruses, germs and dust build-up. Any duvet cover that is made of delicate fabric, including silk and sateen, MUST be dry cleaned, otherwise the material will be ruined. Our cleaning experts know exactly how to care for material that needs a little extra TLC. We also dry clean the duvets, but ask customers to please separate them from the duvet covers prior to bringing them in.*

Any duvet cover that is made of delicate fabric, including silk and sateen, MUST be dry cleaned, otherwise the material will be ruined.

Choose from any of our 20 Denver Metro locations to bring in your duvet cover and other bedding to be dry cleaned. We are happy to pick-up and drop-off your duvet cover from your home or office too. Schedule a convenient pick-up time today.

You can rest easily knowing that Dependable Cleaners has the experience and expertise to clean your duvet covers (and any bedding), leaving them feeling brand new and smelling fresh and clean. Sweet dreams!

*Please note: Duvet and duvet covers are billed separately.

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