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The Secret to Removing Wine Stains

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Steven Toltz

This National Wine Day, you can enjoy all the wine your heart desires knowing Dependable Cleaners has you covered. Not only can we expertly remove any wine stains your wardrobe acquires over this month, but we’re also sharing our secrets about how to remove wine stains from any piece of clothing.

How to remove a red wine stain

Red wine stains are difficult to remove because they’re multifaceted. They’re actually two different stains in one: an alcohol stain and a color stain. This means they require expert attention and specialized cleaning solvents. And if you try and remove red wine stains at home, you’ll most likely end up doing more harm than good.

In order to remove a red wine stain, we have to first treat the alcohol stain with a vinegar-based stain remover. Once we’ve removed the alcohol aspect of the stain, we’ll use an ammonia-based chemical to get the red pigment out.

How to remove a white wine stain

Unlike red wine stains, there’s only one main component to a white wine stain: alcohol. This means the cleaning process can be a bit quicker — but not any easier.

White wine is actually the most difficult stain to remove, but that’s only because it’s not as noticeable. It’s easy to forget about a white wine stain when you do your laundry or drop your clothes off for dry cleaning. However, it’s crucial you point out any stains, white wine or otherwise, to your dry cleaner before cleaning because it’s impossible to get an alcohol stain out after you’ve applied heat to it.

At Dependable Cleaners, our stain removal experts remove these hard-to-kill alcohol stains before the cleaning process. How? By using a vinegar-based stain remover.

The secret to removing wine stains

The secret to getting wine stains out of your clothing and preventing a wine spot from becoming a permanent stain? Immediately bring it to the cleaning experts here at Dependable Cleaners and give us as much information as possible.

Just because you spilled red wine on your favorite white shirt doesn’t mean you can’t wear it anymore. You can keep the shirt looking brand new if you act fast and communicate the following when you bring it to a dry cleaner near you:

  • What is the spot/stain?
  • When did it happen?
  • What have you done to the garment since the incident? Did you soak it? Pretreat with anything?

How to correctly treat wine stains at home

Worst-case scenario, if you have to try to remove a wine stain at home, we recommend you soak the item in an OxiClean solution for several hours before washing. However, you should only soak the item if it can be washed.

If the item is dry-clean only or if soaking will ruin its texture, bring it to Dependable Cleaners ASAP, where we have more concentrated cleaning solvents that don’t require soaking.

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Thankfully, our free pickup and delivery, 24-hour kiosks, or other time-saving cleaning services can help you get any wine-stained garment to Dependable Cleaners in a timely manner. So you can avoid treating wine stains at home altogether.

Happy National Wine Month from Dependable Cleaners

Enjoy National Wine Month without worrying about treating or removing wine stains.

At Dependable Cleaners, we have the tools, experience, and skills necessary to get even the most stubborn or complex stains out for you. So kick back, relax and pour yourself a glass. Then find the nearest Colorado dry cleaning location.

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