dropping off a dress at dry cleaner

How To Find A Good Dry Cleaner

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Steven Toltz

A good dry cleaner can save you time and extend the life of your clothing, but it can sometimes be hard to find a cleaner you can trust. That’s why we’ve put together 4 questions to help you find the best cleaner near you. Let’s get started!

Do You Use Fresh Solvent?

Dry cleaning is completed using a solvent that’s lighter than water to delicately clean your clothing. However, some less-reputable cleaners cut corners by reusing their solvent multiple times, which means dirt, soil, and sweat from the previous loads will be redeposited into your clothes. A good cleaner will use fresh solvent for each load to ensure your clothes come back to you clean and good as new.

What Kind Of Solvent Do You Use?

Dry cleaners use a variety of solvents, some of which are more environmentally friendly than others. Many cleaners use solvents containing perchloroethylene, which is associated with environmental and human health risks. Try to find a cleaner that uses a healthier alternative to this chemical.

Do You Do Garment Inspection?

Without a proper inspection, cleaners can miss stains or loose buttons before putting your garment through the cleaning process, which can solidify the stain and cause your garment to come back missing buttons. A quality cleaner will complete an in-depth inspection to identify stains and fix loose buttons or threads.

Do You Have Pickup and Delivery?

Many dry cleaners have inconvenient store hours, so it may be difficult for you to drop off and pick up clothes when you need them. Pickup and delivery options can be a great way for you to look your best without adding another errand to your busy schedule. Ask your cleaner about pickup and delivery options (Dependable Cleaners even offers free pickup and delivery!) and other time-saving solutions.