Care for winter coat

Care & Maintenance for Your Winter Jacket

Posted on January 3, 2020 by Steven Toltz

In the cold Colorado winters, our coats go almost everywhere with us. In fact, your coat may be one of the most-used items in your closet and the dirt and wear can begin to show. To help keep your jacket in the best condition possible and protect your investment for years to come, read our top tips for protecting your coat from wear and tear. Take the time to maintain and treat your outerwear well will help it last longer and keep it looking good.

Hang It Up

Winter coats, especially those made with wool, can quickly take on new shapes or collect creases. When storing your jacket between uses, hang it up on a solid, sturdy hanger. The hanger will prevent your coat from stretching out in the shoulders or developing fold lines.

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Empty Your Pockets

Keeping your wallet or other items in your pockets overnight can cause them to sag or lose their shape. To keep your coat looking its best, empty your pockets each night.

Clean Your Coat at The End of Every Season. . .

After months of almost daily use, wash your coat before you store it for the summer. Since moths are attracted to human scents, cleaning your jacket can prevent them from destroying it, and will also remove any stains that may set during the warm summer months.

. . .But Make Sure to Reference the Care Label

This is a good rule of thumb for most items of clothing but is especially important with winter coats. A winter coat is an investment, so you should consider the care label as a rule, not a suggestion. The last thing you want to do is damage your jacket by using an improper cycle, speed, or temperature.

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Take It to A Dry Cleaner

If your jacket’s care label says “dry clean only,” take it seriously. Woolen coats are often dry clean only because the inner fabrics that give the coat body and shape are not washable. Washing at home could leave you with a misshapen, unwearable jacket. When in doubt, a dry cleaner will remove any stains, compete free minor repairs, and ensure your jacket is returned to you as good as new. Find a dry cleaner near you today!



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