How to keep your kids clean

How to Keep Kids’ Back to School Clothes and Accessories Clean

Posted on September 10, 2022 by Steven Toltz

It’s back to school season, and if you’re a parent, that means the battle against all the germs, stains, and split seams is back on in full force! Don’t worry – you’re ready to make this year your best yet, and at Dependable Cleaners, we can help. 

Here’s everything you need to make sure your kids, their clothes, and their school supplies are in top shape this school year! 

Cleaning School Clothes and Uniforms

You know how to clean your kids’ clothes – you’ve been doing it for literally their entire lives. But what about dealing with odd garments and tricky stains? This year, nothing will stop you. With this guide on your side, you’ve got what it takes to understand every clothing care tag, erase every pen & marker stain, make grass stains disappear, and eradicate spills before they set in

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How to Clean a Backpack

Backpacks get filthy easily. Luckily, they’re designed with that in mind. Backpacks are made to be machine washable without much hassle. Make sure to thoroughly check all interior and exterior pockets of the backpack for anything your child may have left inside (you’ll never live it down if a wash ruins a beloved item) and turn the backpack inside out. This prevents zippers from getting caught in the machine and protects the bag from damage (meaning your child’s favorite superhero or character stays looking fresh). Put a small amount of non-aggressive detergent in the wash and run the backpack on a gentle cycle in cold water. When done, hang or lay the backpack out to dry.   

Keeping Lunch Bags Sanitary 

Check and empty your kids’ lunch bags every day… there’s nothing worse than discovering an accidental “science project” growing in your child’s food. Dirty lunch containers can be easily washed with warm water and dish soap. Scrub it with a brush just as you would with a dish or pan, rinse, and then hang the lunch bag to dry. 

Binders and Pencil Cases

Binders can be washed with a lightly dampened cloth or with a gentle disinfecting wipe. Plastic pencil cases can be washed and scrubbed with warm water, the same as a lunch bag. Fabric pencil cases can be soaked in a basin or bowl with warm water and a very small amount of laundry detergent. The case may then be rinsed with water and hung to dry. 

Need a Dependable Cleaning Service?

Sometimes, even with all the know-how in the world, what you really need is another set of hands… or just a little less stress. That’s where Dependable Cleaners comes in. If your family’s laundry is stacking up and you need a solution fast, then Dependable’s Wash and Fold Laundry Service is your salvation. We’ll cover everything from clothes to towels to bedsheets and more! Just drop off what you need cleaned – or, take advantage of our free Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service and give yourself one less thing to worry about! Dependable Cleaners also offers unparalleled dry cleaning options for sensitive garments, as well as professional uniform cleaning to keep your active kids looking their absolute finest, and our special 7-point inspection ensures your clothing comes back as good as it can be. 


This school year, give yourself a break and give your family the cleanest clothes possible by choosing one of the best dry cleaners in the Denver area! Find a location today, and discover the meaning of Dependable!