Bridal gown cleaning FAQs

Learn About Bridal Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Whether you want to preserve your dress for sentimental reasons or to pass on to another loved one, properly cleaning and preserving your wedding gown will ensure its beauty lasts for generations. To help you know what to expect when you bring your gown in for preservation, Dependable Cleaners’ bridal gown cleaners and preservationists have put together some common question and share details about how and why brides clean and preserve their wedding dresses after their big day. 

Is Bridal Gown Cleaning Different Than Preservation?

Yes! Bridal gown cleaning refers to removing stains and cleaning the fabric of the dress. Preservation refers to the special packaging technique used to prevent your gown from yellowing and aging over time. Although cleaning and preservation are separate processes, cleaning your gown is the first step towards maintaining the beauty of your dress. Getting your wedding gown professionally cleaned will remove the stains and blemishes that could cause your dress to discolor over time – including hidden stains from white wine or sweat marks. To prevent your dress from becoming discolored, you should get your dress cleaned quickly as possible after the wedding. 

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How Does Wedding Dress Preservation Work? 

After cleaning, your dress will be carefully placed into a vacuum-sealed, UV-protected box that prevents it from yellowing. Once this process is complete, your dress will be returned to you in the decorative box ready for long-term storage. Preservation boxes should be stored in dry areas that aren’t exposed to extreme heat. As long as these conditions are met, your wedding dress will maintain its beauty for years to come! 

Do I Have To Preserve My Wedding Dress? 

Absolutely not! However, every wedding gown should be cleaned after the event – because let’s face it, you’re going to end up with at least one stain, whether it’s from champagne, frosting, or dirt on the hemline. After cleaning, preservation is recommended if you’re planning on passing your dress along to a loved one, repurposing the dress into something new, or for sentimental reasons. 

There are some cases where preservation might not make sense for you. For example, if you’re having two wedding celebrations and planning on re-wearing your dress, cleaning is all you’ll need between the ceremonies. You can also skip the preservation step if you’re considering donating or selling your dress. 

Is It Ever Too Late To Preserve a Wedding Dress? 

Ideally, it’s best to preserve your dress sooner rather than later. If your dress has started to yellow, Dependable Cleaners may be able to help using a specialized procedure that can re-whiten most gowns. Keep in mind that this process is meant to reverse the natural aging process of the fabric and may not to remove set-in stains. 

Finding A Reputable Wedding Dress Cleaner & Preservationist 

Your wedding dress was likely a sizable investment, so be sure to do your research before getting it cleaned and preserved. A reputable cleaner should be equipped to dry clean or wet clean the gown depending on its material, as well as remove any visible and hidden stains.

Dependable Cleaners has been a trusted wedding gown cleaner and preservationist for generations. We’re equipped to implement specialized cleaning methods to ensure your dress returns to you as good as new. Whether your dress has embellishments, sequins, lace, silk, chiffon, or other materials, our team will treat your dress with care and expertly preserve it for the future. Find a Dependable Cleaners location near you today! 

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