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How to Clean and Store Your Ski Jacket After Ski Season

Posted on November 1, 2023 by Steven Toltz

Before you know it, we’ll once again be hearing those four words every Colorado resident dreads: “ski season is over.” It’s a shame to have to leave the slopes behind, but the end of one ski season is the perfect opportunity to make sure your ski jacket and outerwear are clean, cared for, and ready for next winter.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your ski clothing once the season ends, we’ve put together a guide all about how to clean your ski jacket, how to store it during the off months, and how to keep your gear looking its best and lasting the longest.

Here’s how to wash your ski jacket & ski clothes and store them after ski and snowboard season!

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Check the Label

Before you start cleaning your ski gear yourself, it’s important to look at the care label. Some winter jackets might be able to be cleaned in your washing machine, but other coats require dry cleaning only. Since ski gear is usually expensive, you’ll want to learn how to clean your ski jacket properly before it gets ruined.

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Gently Clean Your Ski Jacket at Home

If your ski jacket’s label doesn’t specify that it has to be dry cleaned, you might be able to effectively clean it at home. We suggest cleaning your ski jacket and snow pants in cold water. If machine washing, you’ll want to select the “delicate” or “low” cycle setting, as ski gear should not be treated aggressively (when off the slopes, that is). Use a gentle detergent, and make sure to fasten zippers and Velcro closures to prevent snags. Steer clear of fabric softeners, as they can hinder the garment’s water-repellent properties. Ensure that your ski clothing is thoroughly rinsed to remove all detergent residue, which can affect the fabric’s performance.

After your winter jacket has been cleaned, leave it out to try before you pack it away.

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Give Your Gear Plenty of Time to Air Out

Whether you spot clean your ski jacket at home, run it through the washer, or take it in for professional dry cleaning services, make sure you don’t seal it up before it has time to air out. Typically, air drying is recommended, as high heat can damage common jacket fabrics. Avoid direct sunlight, as this can fade colors. If you cleaned your ski coat in the washing machine, give it plenty of time to dry overnight or over a couple of days — any moisture that remains in the jacket during storage can cause mildew to grow, and will produce a powerful, funky smell that no one wants on the lifts or in the lodge. 

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Don’t Damage Your Coat: Leave the Cleaning to the Pros

If your ski jacket is dry clean only, or you’re worried about cleaning it properly at home, leave the hard work to a professional. Dependable Cleaners has specific cleaning methods for ski jackets and pants to ensure they are clean, odor-free, and not damaged. We assess each garment’s label, check for any spot cleaning or minor repairs that need to be done, and perform the right cleaning method based on our expertise.

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How To Store Ski and Snowboard Gear

Proper Ski Jacket Storage

Your winter gear likely takes up a lot of space, and if you just cleaned your ski jacket or winter outerwear, you don’t want them out where they can get beat up or dirty again. After cleaning your gear and allowing it to completely dry and air out, we recommend storing it in a garment storage container. You could also place it in a zippered garment bag in your closet. 

Choose the storage method that suits your space and gear type, and your ski clothing will stay in tip-top shape for many seasons to come.

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Avoiding Sunlight and Moisture

Proper storage conditions are key to extending the lifespan of your ski gear. Here’s how to shield your equipment from sunlight and moisture:

  • Dark, Cool Storage: Find a dark, cool spot for storing your jackets & gear. Sunlight can cause colors to fade and weaken fabrics over time. A closet or a dedicated ski gear storage area works best.
  • Moisture Control: Keep moisture at bay by placing moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packets or cedar balls in your storage space. This prevents mildew and odors.
  • Ventilation: Allow for some airflow in your storage area to prevent trapped moisture. Do not completely seal off your gear in airtight containers.

Hanging vs. Folding

The way you store your ski jacket can impact its condition. Here’s the lowdown on hanging and folding:


  • Benefits: Hanging your ski jacket prevents wrinkles and keeps your jacket close-at-hand for those sudden Colorado weather changes. It’s ideal for drying after cleaning and airing out post-season.
  • Hanger Type: Use padded or wide hangers to distribute the weight and avoid shoulder bumps.
  • Zip It Up: Always zip up your jacket to prevent deformities and keep the shape intact.


  • Benefits: Folding is space-efficient and minimizes the risk of long-term stress on the jacket’s shoulders. Folding also allows jackets and other gear to be kept in storage containers, which can help save space.
  • Fold Gently: Avoid sharp creases and folding along the same lines repeatedly. Lay your ski jackets and ski pants flat and gently fold to prevent permanent wrinkles.

Dependable Cleaners Can Help

When the post-ski-season-blues hit, you might not want the hassle of properly cleaning your jackets and winter outerwear — especially if you’re part of a big family of skiers and snowboarders. Here’s where Dependable Cleaners saves the season! We’ll treat your ski clothes with the respect and care they deserve, without exposure to damaging conditions or harsh chemicals. Our renowned 7-point inspection ensures the best care for your clothes, with quality guaranteed

Have us take your ski gear off your hands by scheduling a pickup, or find one of our many convenient locations today!