How to Clean and Store Your Ski Jacket After Ski Season

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Steven Toltz

It’s hard to believe that March will soon be coming to an end. Although that means Summer is on the horizon, it also means that ski season in Colorado is almost over. According to Colorado Ski Country USA, most of Colorado’s top ski resorts will be closing their slopes the first or second week of April.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your ski clothing once the season ends, we’ve put together a guide all about how to clean your ski jacket, how to store it during the summer and fall, and how to prepare it for next year’s ski season.

Here’s how to clean your gear after ski and snowboard season:

Look at the label.

Before you start cleaning your ski gear yourself, it’s important to look at the label. Some gear might be able to get clean in your washing machine, but some of it might require dry cleaning only. Since ski gear is usually expensive, you’ll want to learn how to clean it before it gets ruined.

Gently clean it at home.

If your ski gear’s label doesn’t specify that it has to be dry cleaned only, you might be able to effectively clean it at home. We suggest cleaning your ski jacket and pants in cold water. You’ll also want to cycle the cleaning on “delicate” or low, as ski gear should not be treated aggressively. After it’s been cleaned, leave your ski gear out to try before you pack it away.

Leave it to a professional.

If your gear is dry clean only, or you’re worried about cleaning it at home, leave it to a professional. Dependable Cleaners has specific cleaning methods for ski jackets and pants to ensure they are clean and not damaged. We assess each garment’s label, any spot cleaning that needs to be done, and perform the right cleaning method based on our expertise.

Give it plenty of time to air out.

Whether you spot clean your ski gear at home, run it through the washer, or take it in for professional dry cleaning services, make sure you don’t seal it up before it has time to air out. If you did a spot cleaning, your gear will need a little fresh air to recover from the season. If you cleaned it in the washing machine, give it plenty of time to dry overnight or over a couple of days.

Store it until next season.

Your winter gear likely takes up a lot of space, and if you just cleaned it, you don’t want it out where it can get dirty again. After cleaning your gear and allowing it to completely dry and air out, we recommend storing it in an air-tight container. You could also place it in a zipped garment bag in your closet.

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