Easy Tips For Folding Your Clothes

Folding Tricks to Save Space

Posted on August 20, 2022 by Steven Toltz

Is your house starting to feel smaller than you remember? Have you been struck by the home cleaning blues? Struggling to create a little extra space? Don’t worry, because that closet clutter is about to become a thing of the past! A little change in how you fold your clothes can have a big impact in the way of providing some much-needed extra room. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to folding!  

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Space-Saving Folds for All Clothes


Dress shirts will look and function best when hung, but T-shirts, sleepwear, and athletic tops – along with anything else you aren’t worried about wrinkling – can be folded for easy storage in a drawer or on a shelf. 

To fold a shirt, lay the garment face-down on a flat surface and smooth-out wrinkles. Fold the sleeves toward each other and onto the middle of the shirt, creasing at the shoulder. Next, fold the bottom of the shirt up to the arms. Finally, starting at the bottom, fold the shirt up into thirds. This method, known as “file folding” and popularized by acclaimed organizing consultant Marie Kondo, maximizes space by allowing you to stand shirts up in a drawer, like files in a filing cabinet, rather than laying them flat and staking them. This method not only saves space, but also allows greater access to items of clothing – meaning no more “losing” your favorite tee at the bottom of the pile. 


To ensure a tight fold, first zip and button your pants. Then, lay the garment on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the pants in half lengthwise, tucking the crotch inward to form one line. Next, fold the jeans in half by width. The pants can then be easily file-folded into thirds and stored vertically in a drawer, or stacked on a shelf.

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Sweaters, because of their often-delicate nature, seem like something that should be hung. In reality, because of the knit and weight of these garments, sweaters can be disfigured or marked by regular hanging. Folding is the way to go to keep your sweaters in top shape, and it’s easy as a breeze. Hold the sweater at each shoulder, then fold the sleeves in toward each other. Finally, fold the sweater by width. Voila!  

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Let me guess… you store your socks by rolling them into one another to make a ball, right? Great, read no further. 

Well… unless you don’t want holes in your socks. Balling up your foot covers and shoving them together produces a lot of wear on the fabric, stretching out your socks and creating opportunity for tears. The best way to store socks is by laying them on top of each other and folding them in half, twice. This method keeps the pair of socks together in a small rectangle that’s easy to store and gentle on the fabric. 



As long as they aren’t in a heap in the corner, it’s hard to go wrong storing underwear. For an easy file fold, place the garment flat, fold in each side toward the middle, and then fold the crotch upward. 


Storing your bras with one cup inside the other? That’s a major storage mistake, and is likely to damage the integrity and fit of your bra. Instead, fasten the clasp, tuck in the straps, and file-organize your bras with the cups facing out. Each bra should stand in the drawer and nest together in a line.

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