The Top Benefits of Linen

Posted on August 1, 2023 by Steven Toltz

The Top Benefits of Linen

Since 4500 BCE, people around the world have been wearing linens and experiencing the benefits of linen clothing. Linen, made from the fibrous flax plant, is a favorite fabric that keeps the wearer feeling cool and looking chic no matter the temperature. Learn more about linen and why it’s the go-to fabric this summer.

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Linen Clothing Benefits

Between the long hours of strong sunlight and the sunscreen, sweat, chlorine, drink spills, and food stains, our clothes take quite a beating in the summertime. If you want to be able to wear an elegant summer dress or button-up shirt for more than a single season, you need to find a garment that’s high-quality and long-lasting. This is exactly what makes linen the perfect summer fabric.

Linen has been popular for millennia due to the ease of caring for linen clothing — in fact, linen is considered the world’s strongest natural fiber. As such, linen clothing tends to be more structured than wool or cotton and much more durable than any of its natural or synthetic counterparts. This is also why linen clothes don’t lose their shape after washing and get that classic “lived-in” (rather than messy) look after they’re worn.

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Ironing Linen

Another reason to love linen (and why it lasts so long) is that it doesn’t need to be ironed. Not only can ironing linen garments ruin their airy, natural look, but the application of heat can also damage the fibers in the material and drastically affect their lifespan. So, when it comes to ironing your linen, think again. Linen is known for its effortless, slightly wrinkled appearance — but if you have a special occasion coming and need to look your very best, linen can be de-wrinkled by lightly dampening the affected area (such as with a wet cloth or spray bottle) and hanging your garment outside or in a well-ventilated room. For perfect linens year-round, consider sending your linen clothing, bedding, and napery for a much-needed spring cleaning & refresh.  

Linen Clothing Keeps You Cool and Dry

One of the best benefits of wearing linen is that even on the most scorching of summer days, linen garments can keep you cool and comfortable. This is because linen has a lower thread count than other fabrics. The looser weave makes linen highly breathable and allows air to flow easily through the material, letting wearers make the most of every cool, refreshing breeze.

When you’re sweating in the summer sun, fabrics like cotton feel damp and cling to your skin in all the wrong places. But thanks to its high level of absorbency, linen takes on a lot of moisture before you even notice you’re sweating.

It’s also a moisture-wicking fabric, meaning it can quickly pull moisture off your skin and then let it evaporate back into the air, cooling you down while also drying you off in the process.

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How to Wash Linen Clothing

If properly cared for, the linen garments in your wardrobe can last a lifetime. But if washed incorrectly, your linen items can lose their crispness and the fibers can become damaged.

If you’re going to clean your linen items at home, we recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water and then hanging to dry. However, if you need to clean a linen suit, blazer, or special event outfit, we recommend taking these items to a trusted dry cleaner

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your linen clothing. Dry cleaning doesn’t use water (which can ruin the texture of fabrics and wreck their shape), and it doesn’t use heat (which can damage and discolor fibers). Plus, the experts at your local Colorado dry cleaners can get every wrinkle out of your linen items without compromising their integrity or texture.

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