Bikini bathing suit

Tips for Caring for your Bathing Suit

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Steven Toltz

The perfect bathing suit is one of life’s fashion unicorns, and these days, unicorns have gotten more expensive, so when you find one, make sure you properly take care of it so you can extend its life for many summer seasons to come.

First and foremost, always read and follow the care label.

If the label is missing or you can’t read it, below are a few suggestions from Dependable Cleaners to extend the life of the perfect suit.

Wash your swimsuit every time you wear it, even if you never get into the water.

Sunscreens, which contain ingredients that can damage fabric, in addition to sweat, dirt and chlorine will lead to the breakdown of the material if they sit on the fibers for an extended amount of time.

Hand wash your swimsuit. Use mild or specialized detergent. Don’t put in the washing machine.

For best results, wash your suit by hand, using detergent that is specifically meant for delicates or high spandex-content fabrics, to protect the color and eliminate soil without ruining the fine fibers. Typical laundry detergents are far too harsh for most spandex swimwear and will often cause the color to fade, especially brighter colors. White vinegar, for its deodorizing and antibacterial properties, or mild hand soap without added moisturizers, are other home remedies. At the very least, rinse in fresh water until you can properly hand wash.

While some say it’s okay to put your bathing suit in a mesh bag in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, most swimsuit manufacturers maintain that you should never put it in the washing machine, as it will lose its elasticity. The exception to this rule is men’s swimming trunks, which are durable enough to withstand the washer, and at the end of the summer, after many wears. Obviously, if your suit has any adornments, the washing machine is a hard pass, as is the dryer for any women’s suit; the heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex.

Your hand washing technique is key.

Fill your sink with cold water, and add one capful of specialized detergent, white vinegar or hand soap. Turn your bathing suit inside out, swish it around, soak it for up to 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Soaking it any longer can loosen the fibers.

So is your drying process.

Do not wring out or twist your swimsuits, or you will impair the spandex fibers. Gently roll your suit in a clean dry towel, lightly pressing to remove the excess water. Lay the suit flat to dry; do not leave out in the sun, as you will fade the fabric. Don’t hang a swimsuit, hanging can alter the shape of the garment.