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How Do You Deal With Laundry While Traveling?

Posted on December 30, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Everyone loves vacation. Getting out of town provides us with an often much-needed break from our daily routines, but that also means our daily routines—like keeping clothes clean and free from wrinkles while on vacation—get more complicated. Many times, you might not have access to a reliable washer, dryer, or dry cleaner while on vacation, leaving your cute vacay outfits looking frumpy and disheveled. No need to fret—at Dependable Cleaners, we understand the importance of crisp, fresh clothes, even when you’re jet set for the season.

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Here are a few laundry tips and tricks to use to keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free while on vacation.

  • Consider Your Laundry Needs While Packing

The first step to any part of a vacation is packing, and your laundry is a big part of that process. Before you go on your trip, carefully consider which types of clothes you are bringing with you. Do you have enough clothes to wear? Are your clothes made out of a moisture-wicking or anti-wrinkle fabric? There are certain fabrics to avoid when packing for a vacation, fabrics that wrinkle easily or are difficult to clean on the fly. We advise against materials that wrinkle easily, like cotton, and instead recommend lightweight knit fabrics which clean well and don’t wrinkle. Depending on what type of trip you’re taking, you might not be able to choose to avoid these fabrics, but there are still ways to pack smart when it comes to clothing material. You should also pack a separate laundry bag, if you do not plan on doing any laundry on your trip, to keep dirty clothes separate from clean. If you do need to pack high-maintenance items like a suit or other fancy dress attire, be sure you are familiar with how to care for these pieces of clothing before you leave, and bring along whatever tools might help keep them looking fresh, such as a travel steamer. We also recommend packing your clothing in compressible compartment bags to keep your clothes neat and pressed while in transit.

  • Take Advantage of DIY Laundry Solutions

In a pinch, most clothes can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, as long as you are sure to properly rinse and dry them afterward. Some good ways to make do with limited washing facilities on a vacation are to hand-wash your clothes in a clean sink, shower, or tub. Just be sure that the clothing you plan to wash does not require dry cleaning. If you do not have access to a dryer, odds are good that you can find someplace to hang dry your clothes after rinsing—most hotel rooms have a closet with hangers in them. If your clothes require steaming, or if you suddenly find your clothing is wrinkled, you can hang your outfit on a hanger in the bathroom while you take a hot shower—the ambient steam should function similarly to a steamer. You can also take care to pack a wrinkle releaser or a spritz bottle to fight wrinkles on the go.

“In a pinch, most clothes can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, as long as you are sure to properly rinse and dry them afterward.”

  • Have Someone Else Do Your Laundry

The most simple and painless way to ensure that you have clean, fresh laundry during your vacation is to seek the help of either your hotel staff or an outside laundry service. Most hotels offer in-house laundry services. Just call down to the concierge and ask how to take advantage of the laundry and dry cleaning services your hotel offers. If you plan to stay in a bed and breakfast or Airbnb, you can do a quick search for laundry services in your area which provide same-day wash and fold services, dry cleaning pickup and drop off, or whatever your laundry needs might require.

If you are traveling within Colorado, any of our many Dependable Cleaners locations has services that are sure to help you save time and stress keeping your clothes clean while on vacation, including wash and fold by the pound, free pickup and delivery for dry cleaning services, and more. Call us today to see how we can help you keep your clothes looking their best, no matter what your travel plans are.

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