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Laundry Tips for Fresher, Cleaner Results

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Steven Toltz

Dependable Cleaners wants to help you stay on top of your laundry care, and take a look at some bad laundry habits along with some tips to make lasting changes to help keep your laundry care more manageable and with better results. We get it — laundry can be a massive undertaking week after week, and it’s easy to let your best intentions slide. Perhaps keeping track of your dry cleaning is your one single laundry-related downfall. Or maybe your laundry no-nos keep piling up (like that mound of dirty laundry in the corner of your closet). No matter what your laundry vices are, Dependable Cleaners wants to help you make laundry easier.

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Here are a few laundry resolutions that we think should help you make a fresh, clean start in the New Year.

Fold Your Clean Clothes, Right Away

Keeping your laundry tidy and put away is one of the hardest parts about an effective home laundry system, but it is so important! Not only will you and your family feel more relaxed and comfortable in a household with less clothing clutter lying around, but you’ll also be able to find the clothes you want to wear more easily. Of course, if folding is definitely not your thing, you can always enlist our help with our wash and fold services… just saying.

Don’t Let Stains Leave a Dark Spot on Your Year

If you ask us, there’s a reason that “stain” rhymes with “pain.” Grass stains, ink stains, and blots of all sorts can really mess up your day—and your wardrobe. Never fear. This year, take the pain to the stains instead, and brush up on your arsenal of stain-fighting knowledge. In 2022, make a pact to conquer ink spots, snuff out smudges, and even banish stains that resist everything but dry cleaning.

Upgrade Your Home Laundry Game

Make 2022 the year you finally make the time to learn more about how to get the most out of your home laundry process. You could commit to learning how to read the symbols on laundry tags. Or maybe you’d rather study up on how to best dry your clothes instead. Not sure where to start on your laundry education journey? Take our Ultimate Laundry quiz to get inspired.

Iron Your Dress Shirts and Pants

This year will hopefully mark a return to more in-person meetings and networking happy hours, and you won’t be able to keep relying on that handy dandy Zoom filter to spruce up your wrinkled work clothes. Make a pact to iron those pieces of clothing that need it.

Take ‘Em to the Cleaners—The Dry Cleaners, That Is

Yes, it’s a pain to make the trip, but come on. Forgetting to take your suits and dresses to the dry cleaners will only prolong the inevitable (and make you nervous about wearing a dirty outfit out on the town). Running to the cleaners really not your thing? Sign up for our dry cleaning pick up and delivery service and let us hustle for you.

It might sound like a lot to tackle, but here at Dependable Cleaners, we believe in your laundry skills! Plus, if you need any help keeping those tough washing, drying, and folding resolutions, Dependable Cleaners has your back with over 20 locations in Colorado ready to address your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Call us today, or swing by and drop off your best suit or dress so that we can help you look your best for any event or occasion.

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