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5 Signs You Should Dry Clean Your Clothes

Posted on February 16, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Dry cleaning can extend the life of clothes, preserve the colors of your clothing, and protect delicate pieces from becoming damaged. To help you understand when and what you should dry clean, our experts are breaking down 5 signs you should dry clean your clothes. 

When Should You Dry Clean Your Laundry?

1. It Has A “Dry Clean” Label 

Laundry tags are there to help you extend the life of your clothing by explaining how to properly care for the garment. These instructions are there for a reason – washing a “dry clean” or “dry clean only” item could cause:  

  • Significant shrinkage or stretching (by 2-3 sizes or more) 
  • Colors to bleed and fade  
  • Destruction to beading, sequins, or lace 
  • Pilling 
  • Texture changes 
  • Tearing of the fabric or its lining 

2. It’s Made With Delicate Fabric 

If you cut the care label out or aren’t sure if you should dry clean your clothing, take a look at the material. Most delicate fabrics, like silk, lace, or wool, are especially susceptible to some of the damage listed above. The dry cleaning process is much gentler on clothing than traditional washing and drying, which allows the clothing to be cleaned without causing damage. If you’re in doubt, bring it to a dry cleaners – we’ll inspect the clothing and recommend the safest washing method to protect your clothing for years to come.  

3. It Has Embellishments 

If your item has beads, sequins, embroidery, or other embellishments, take it to a dry cleaner. Traditional washing methods may dissolve the embellishment’s adhesive, cause discoloration, or completely destroy these intricate details. At Dependable Cleaners, we’re experts in protecting decorative touches throughout the cleaning process. 

4. It’s Stained 

Whether you spilled coffee on your best work shirt or found a mysterious stain on your pants, we can help. Our stain experts are trained to spot and identify stains so we can safely remove them without damaging the fabric. We don’t just remove obvious stains – we’ll carefully examine each and every garment for stains you may have missed to ensure your clothing comes back to you as good as new. 

5. It’s Made With Leather

Even with the right care, leather can dry out, lose color, and develop cracks. Our specialized leather cleaning service can breathe new life into your garments and repair the damage. With regular yearly treatments, you can keep rocking your leather for years to come.  

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Whether you’re hoping to clean a suit, wedding dress, dress shirt, or your favorite leather jacket, Dependable Cleaners can help. Stop by a dry cleaning location near you or sign up for our free pickup and delivery service today! 

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