Posted on February 4, 2020 by Steven Toltz

Why You Should Take Your Business Shirts To The Dry Cleaners

In Colorado, we work hard and play hard. But, if you have to work hard in business shirts, you know how fast dirty laundry piles up. Plus, with huge temperature changes fluctuating from below freezing in the morning to mid 70s in the afternoon, it can be hard to keep your business shirts clean and ready to wear. The good news? By taking your shirts to a reputable dry cleaner, you can make them last longer, look better, and save yourself some time. Read on to learn our top three reasons why front-range business people love taking their shirts to the cleaners instead of washing them at home.

  1. You’ll Extend The Life Of Your Shirts
  2. If you often wear work shirts, you probably want them to last as long as possible. After investing in several high-quality shirts, the last thing you want to do is ruin them by not following the care instructions, using improper cleaning or drying techniques, or not removing stains as soon as they appear.  By taking your shirts to a dry cleaner, experts can assess the shirt and determine which cleaning service would work best for the fabric. Plus, Dependable Cleaners’ complimentary repair service means we’ll also repair any loose buttons, dangling threads, or other minor damage at no charge.

  3. You’ll Get a Better Fit
  4. If you’ve ever cleaned your business shirts at home, you’re probably well aware of the issues that can arise – shrinkage, warping, misplaced creases, and messy collars are all possible without expert care. At Dependable Cleaners, we follow a rigorous 7-point inspection that guarantees perfect creases and pleats where you want them, with straight and smooth lines where you don’t. Best of all, we carefully hang your shirt and insert sturdy boards into collars to help them keep their shape and remain ready-to-wear.

  5. Say Goodbye To Stains
  6. If you wear business shirts for your job, you know how easy it is to stain your shirt. Besides the regular stain offenders, like coffee, food, and ink, you likely pick up a few mystery stains as you go about your day.  Without properly removing these stains, even ones that don’t seem obvious, these marks can worsen over time and become impossible to remove. Our stain experts carefully inspect each item to find any and all stains, and will recommend a cleaning method to remove them. If you have grease or oil stains, our experts may recommend dry cleaning. If you have water-based stains, like perspiration, our team may suggest wet cleaning.

Look and feel your best at work with Dependable Cleaners’ dress shirt laundry service. We’ll make sure your shirts come back to you as good as new and ready to wear. Find a dry cleaning location near you and stop by today for our same-day service!

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