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What’s the Difference Between a Full-Service and Discount Dry Cleaner?

Posted on September 27, 2018 by Steven Toltz

When you need to have your clothes professionally washed, you have a choice: a full-service dry cleaner or a discount cleaner, and their differences go far beyond what types of dry cleaning services they offer.

A Professional Preserves, A Discount Damages

Perhaps the most important difference between a full-service and a discount dry cleaner is that the former preserves your clothes, while the latter actually shortens their lifespan.

Advanced Cleaning

Full-service dry cleaners utilize a double bath, meaning that the solvent used in each load is cleaned and filtered before being used again. Dependable Cleaners has invested in advanced machines, custom-made in Italy, to ensure that each load uses only pure, clean solvent. The solvent used at full-service cleaners is often of a higher quality, as well; Dependable Cleaners uses natural hydrocarbon solvent that’s not only better for the environment but better for your clothes.

Discount dry cleaners often use the same cheaper chemical solvent Tetrachloroethylene, or Perc, repeatedly, resulting in redeposition: all the dirt that has been washed out of other clothes is deposited right back onto yours. You can most clearly see the difference when having white clothing cleaned, as they will eventually become dingy and dull.

Skilled Employees

Because other dry cleaners are focused on offering the lowest possible price, they’re not able to invest in their employees’ training. At full-service dry cleaners, the employees are considered part of the cleaning process: knowledgeable employees will be able to select the right solvent, treat stains correctly, and use the right methods to not only clean clothing but ensure they last as long as possible.

Full-service dry cleaners are often members of national dry cleaning organizations, which provide a vast amount of resources. Dependable Cleaners, for example, provides access to a wealth of educational material and encourages employees to enroll in training programs to improve their skills. In fact, employees are only certified as Stain Specialists after they’ve gone through additional training.

Convenience for the Customer

With discount dry cleaners, all you’re paying for is the use of their machines. Full-service dry cleaners provide just that: full service, meaning customers have to do far less.

Location, Location, Location

Dependable Cleaners has been in business for over 80 years, which has allowed us to maintain locations in some of the most desirable areas in Colorado. Most locations are conveniently located on busy streets used by commuting workers, making it extraordinarily easy to drop off clothing before and after work.

Discount dry cleaners often can’t afford locations in these hotspots, meaning they’re well out of the way. Otherwise, much of their budget is focused on paying rent rather than reinvesting in the business.

Extended Hours, Pickup & Delivery

Discount cleaners are only open during “normal” business hours, but this makes it difficult for customers to drop off or pick up their clothes. Instead of feeling like you’re receiving a service, you’re completing an annoying chore — and it’s especially inconvenient if the cleaner closes before you’re able to leave work.

Full-service dry cleaners offer extended hours (many locations are open until 8 p.m.) as well as free pickup and delivery at your home or office.

A Focus on Customer Service

Going to a full-service dry cleaner is like going to your favorite high-end salon: you’ll enter a spotless environment where you interact with the same uniformed employees again and again while receiving complimentary perks and services.

Complimentary Services

Discount dry cleaners will often only clean the clothes; a full-service dry cleaner will ensure the clothing is returned looking even better than before. Dependable Cleaners has a 7-Point Inspection system, which includes complimentary repairs such as repairing small tears and replacing missing buttons. A discount dry cleaner may provide additional services for a price, but you’ll often have to request the repairs be done.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Employees at full-service dry cleaners aren’t just passing workers — they’ve most likely made it their career. In fact, many Dependable Cleaners employees have been with the company for decades, and some stores are even known informally by the manager’s name.

Employees at Dependable Cleaners receive a living wage, health insurance, 401K and paid time off, which is unusual for discount cleaners. Because our employees are treated well, they perform well — and they love their jobs, too. Our team of happy, friendly employees is just one of the reasons that Dependable Cleaners has earned the title of Best Dry Cleaner in Colorado by Colorado Business Magazine three years in a row.

When choosing a dry cleaner to clean your clothes, a full-service dry cleaner is almost always the better option. With an eye on quality, convenience and customer service, they provide a far better experience for you and your clothes.