Test your laundry knowledge

The Ultimate Laundry Know-How Quiz

Posted on April 6, 2021 by Steven Toltz

Like it or not, the laundry must get done — and it won’t wash itself. From sorting and choosing the right washing cycle to know whether to dry or lay flat to air dry, there’s a lot to think about. Plus, what do those symbols on your tags mean anyway? So, whether you think you know all there is to know or you’re new at the laundry game, test your know-how with this fun quiz. You just might learn something new!

[wp_quiz id=”3451″]

If you do your laundry at home instead of using any of our services, keep these tips and tricks in mind. When in doubt, we’re here to help from dry cleaning and wash and fold services to your alteration needs. Stop by a dry cleaning location near you or sign up for our free pickup and delivery service today!

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