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Dependable Cleaners Saves You Time for the Holidays

Posted on December 17, 2020 by Steven Toltz

December is here and the holidays are near! We know that this is an extremely busy time of year for you and while the holidays may look a little different this year, there are still things to do. Why not let us help? Think of us as your “Holiday Elf.” 

With locations throughout the Denver Metro Area, we can help you take a load off with our convenient dry cleaning services. 

Get Relief from the The Holiday Rush

Feeling that sense of “rush” as the holiday season draws near? Perhaps you have some shopping to do or cards to send out? Maybe you are preparing to pull out that “secret family recipe” for sugar cookies, or promised your kids you’d help them build an “even better” gingerbread house compared to last year. One thing you can check off your list is “drop off dry cleaning.” Dependable Cleaners makes it easier on you with our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service.  We also offer same-day service as well as 24-hour kiosks where you can drop off your dry cleaning, should you miss us during business hours. 

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Extra Help Setting the Holiday Table 

We all have an idea of how we’d like our tables to look during the holidays and the time has come to bring out that special tablecloth that you save for the holidays. Dependable Cleaners is more than just shirts. Our cleaning specialists are trained in caring for delicate and special care fabrics, including tablecloths and napkins. Trying to clean those items at home, by throwing them in the washing machine risks destroying or damaging those items. We know how to keep those things clean and fresh, helping to ensure your table looks holiday ready throughout the month. 

A Hand to Look Your Holiday Best

Did you just discover a button is missing from the silk shirt you had planned on wearing over the holidays, or that your favorite dress has a small stain on the sleeve? Dependable Cleaners treats all spots before the item is cleaned, while loose buttons and threads on small tears and fraying are marked and repaired at NO cost. We also offer alteration services for men, women and children. Whether you are heading out to enjoy the holiday season with a small group of friends or staying home with your immediate family, we are here to make sure your clothes look their very best. 

Happy Holidays from Dependable Cleaners

We want to thank you for your continued support of our family-owned business, especially over the past year. While 2020 was full of “firsts” for all of us, we are grateful to our family of customers. We have the best community. We wish you a happy & healthy holiday season and a magical new year! We look forward to seeing you at a location near you soon! 


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