How to care for Rayon fabric?

What is Rayon Fabric? Everything You Need to Know for Proper Care

Posted on June 10, 2022 by Steven Toltz

Summer heat is here to stay, and you need a fabric that’s not just stylish, but breathable as well. Enter rayon, the versatile summer superhero of fabrics. Sure, you’ve heard of it, but what exactly is it? How do you care for this delicate material – and is it really “dry clean only”?

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What is Rayon?

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from naturally-derived plant cellulose (like wood pulp) that is chemically treated. Rayon fabric is prized for its low cost and its ability to effectively mimic the feel and look of other textiles, like silk, wool, cotten, and linen. Rayon dyes easily in a wide range of gorgeous colors, blends well with other fibers, drapes elegantly, and offers breathability that is superior to the fabrics it imitates.  

How to Care for Rayon

How to Wash Rayon

Since rayon often acts as a “master of disguise” – and is frequently blended with fabrics like polyester and cotton – it’s important to check your clothing labels for the presence of rayon. The properties that give rayon its smooth feel and incredible versatility also contribute to making this type of fabric more delicate than others. Rayon isn’t especially durable when exposed to heat or moisture, so standard machine washing can cause stretching, shrinking, bleeding, and general disfigurement of your once-fabulous ‘fits. While you can hand wash your rayon in cold water with a mild detergent, this is really only best used as a method for occasional spot cleaning, as significant quantities of moisture can still be damaging to your rayon clothes. 

Rayon really is a “dry clean only” fabric, and that message should be taken seriously to ensure the life and brilliance of your garments. Even when it’s only present in small amounts, because of its unique composition, rayon is a fabric that requires special care and professional cleaning. 

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How to Iron Rayon Clothing

Since rayon is so sensitive to heat, ironing isn’t advisable. Rayon burns easily, and scorching on the material is difficult to remove… plus, burnt rayon is permanent. If you must iron rayon, use a low-to-medium hot iron on the inside or opposite side of the garment. A pressing cloth should be placed in between the iron and the clothing, and the iron should never make direct contact with the rayon. Steaming out the wrinkles of a rayon garment will always be preferable to ironing.  

Keep Your Rayon in Top Shape with Dependable Cleaners 

Dependable Cleaners’ team of stain removal experts know just what it takes to remove difficult stains from delicate fabrics like rayon without causing any damage. Since dry cleaning is such a gentle process, you can frequently clean even your most elegant rayon clothes and have them retain the shape and vibrancy of a brand-new garment, especially when left to the pros.

Dependable Cleaners cares about your favorite clothes as much as you do, and each garment goes through our 7-point inspection to ensure we treat all stains, repair buttons, cut loose threads, and return your items back to you looking as good as the day you bought them.  

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